Build a complex monitoring and remediation system

For who did I do this and when

Elisabeth Hospital in Tiburg – 3.500 employees, ~300 servers, 40 to 50 people working in IT; 2008 – 2010.

What was this work all about

Built pro-active monitoring, alarming and reporting system using Open Source software. Coded dozens of plugins (perl/bash/snmp/telnet/ssh) so I could monitor all types of soft- and hardware systems. Automatically solve problems. The result was a new way of work for the IT department: proactive instead of reactive and having no insight in the environment at all.

Why did I do this

Every day the IT department ran into problems. There was no insight in the IT environment.

What is the complexity of this work

First step was to figure out what I needed. Then I had to find the right tool while I had no budget.

Learn to code. I learned to write Perl, bash, php, MSDos scripts and wrote around 10.000 lines of code.

What drove me

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