Restore disturbed relationship Simac – DELA

For who did I do this and when

Simac and DELA; ~1.000 employees, IT partner; 2014 – 2015.

What was this work all about

Together with a team of three successfully restored the disturbed relationship between Simac and DELA – Simac’s largest customer; rebuilt defective technology, restructured the organization and its processes. To keep the customer onboard for the long run, took things one step further; created the Simac-strategy and the roadmap to get there, which got embraced by DELA. In the next iteration created a Simac-mission, vision, strategy and supporting portfolio, which won new clients for Simac.

Why did I do this

After one year of working at Simac I saw some things that were broken (in my opinion). The problems was a result of this, and for me this was a perfect moment to fix things, get results and inspire the rest of the organization to learn and improve.

What is the complexity of this work

Complex was to fix very urgent problems and come up with a solution that worked on the long run. Create the right culture in the group we worked with. At the same time fix the relation with the customer by being be very honest and open to them about what we were doing and why, and step by step bring back stability and trust.

What was the result

We fixed the problems, restored the relationship and even took it a step further: we created a partnership. In 2018 the contract was renewed and in 2019 DELA is still a very important and happy customer of Simac.

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