• april 6, 2017

When the marketplace shifts

When the marketplace shifts

When the marketplace shifts 1024 503 Roderick Derks
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It’s happening right now. Everyone in IT has to think about their next steps. Especially in the IT infrastructure business.

Here’s what is happening:

In the last 10 to 15 years companies outsourced their infrastructure services. Today many of these services suddenly became commodity. IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, Disaster Recovery, Backup, Security, IoT, Machine Learning. This change has a really high impact on the IT Infrastructure companies delivering these services that used to be complicated and profitable.

At the same time another change happened: IT has become a very critical part of everybody’s business. Companies need to focus more and more on doing smart things on their application layer. This is where they can make a difference. This layer contains their IP. This is where their money goes to.

The marketplace disruption puts huge pressure on any IT infrastructure company who merely delivers services which have become commodity.

When you see it coming, there are only two choices:
Run like hell to a new market, or,
Move up, faster and more boldly than anyone thinks is rational.